• Planning Approval, Former Ringwood Police Station

  • 9th August 2018

Planning Approval granted for the redevelopment of the former Ringwood Police Station site

We are delighted that our scheme for 9no. town houses has achieved delegated approval. Following close negotiations with New Forest District Council, our proposals gained the support of the Urban Design officer and subsequently the support of the Town Council, which led to a delegated planning approval.

The Design Proposals

The application design proposes the demolition of the existing police station and associated out buildings and their replacement with 9no. town houses and 18 residents parking spaces.

WLA Ringwood Police Station Aerial W c

The houses are to be in the form of a row of 5 traditional terraces fronting Christchurch Road and two pairs of contemporary semi detached houses to the rear.

The design proposal responds to the constraints of the site and the existing context and building lines. To the front of the site the terrace form is the prevailing character of the residential elements within the street. The building line does however stagger and fragment as you leave Ringwood along Christchurch Road. It is proposed that the front building line follows this step back in the street scene similar to that of the existing police station.

The houses to the rear follow the strong building line of the houses in Monmouth Close.

WLA Ringwood Police Station Site Plan

The built form will be 2 storeys in height and although it will be traditional in form to the street front incorporating pitched tiled roofs and gable ends. The houses to the rear will be designed with a contemporary twist. The design language to the front will be influenced the local vernacular incorporating high quality facing brick, timber sliding sash windows and good quality clay tiles. To the rear the materials follow a clean contemporary style similar to that found on recent developments within Ringwood such as the town centre Gateway building. It is proposed to utilise red brick, slate and contemporary window materials.

WLA Ringwood Police Station Street Scene

The front terrace addresses the street positively continuing the massing of traditional terrace houses found in Ringwood Town centre and further along Christchurch Road. The active frontage of the town-houses will improve and enhance the vibrancy to this area and will form an attractive form of development viewed as you enter Ringwood.