• Planning Approval, Kingscliffe Cottage

  • 25th July 2018

Planning approval was granted for a residential cottage extension in New Milton. Kingcliffe Cottage is a Grade 2 Listed thatched cob cottage dating from around 1750. The Cottage required adaptations to make it appropriate for modern living. More spacious living areas were needed as the existing rooms are small with low ceilings.

The main concept for the extension to Kingscliffe Cottage is a simple, elegant, timber and zinc roofed barn. The aim is to keep elevations simple with minimal projections. Glazed elements are to be kept behind irregular vertical timber boarding to keep them as discreet as possible. The extension is to read as a stand alone building which is attached to the cottage with a highly glazed link.

The siting of the ‘barn’ extension seeks to reinstate the north west element of the original small holding which historical investigation has uncovered. Its design and separation aims to maintain the thatched cottage as the dominant building on the site as it has been in recent years. The extension will also improve the garden setting through the creation of an enclosed courtyard. At present there is the impression that the cottage turns its back on the garden with the main entrance being on the eastern side. Accessibility to the garden will be greatly improved through the use of double doors opening out on to a sunken patio area. The ‘barn’ building with glazed link aims to touch the original building lightly and allow the full extent of the original external wall to be perceived, something which is not possible at the moment.